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Note: this page is a beta page, don't rely on the URL and file issues on microsoft/TypeScript-Website please

The TypeScript Handbook

About this Handbook

The TypeScript handbook aims to teach JavaScript engineers how TypeScript works.

TypeScript is a language which extends JavaScript, and there are many great resources for learning JavaScript on the internet.

If you are coming to TypeScript without a JavaScript background, with the intention of TypeScript being your first language, we recommend you first start reading the documentation on JavaScript at the Mozilla Web Docs. If you have experience in other languages, you should be able to pick up JavaScript syntax quite quickly by reading the handbook.

How is this Handbook Structured

The handbook is split into two sections:

  • The Handbook

    This handbook is built to give you a firm understanding of the ways in which TypeScript extends JavaScript in everyday code, you can read the handbook by going from top to bottom in the left-hand navigation.

    The handbook starts at Basic Types.

  • The Handbook Reference

    The handbook reference is built to provide a richer understanding of how a particular part of TypeScript works. You can read it top-to-bottom, but each section aims to provide a deeper explanation of a single concept - meaning there is no aim for continuity.